Chrome Kitchen Sink Pillar Taps

Sink Taps

Taps (or faucets) are fixtures that are connected to a water supply and have a handle to control the flow of water. They are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms to wash hands, dishes, and clothes. There are many different types and styles of taps, but all operate in a similar way.

The most common type of tap is the compression tap, which uses a rubber washer to control the flow of water. The washer is compressed by a metal screw when the handle is turned, which allows water to flow through the tap. The washer is released when the handle is turned back, which stops the flow of water. Compression taps are generally very reliable, but the washers can wear out over time and may need to be replaced.

Another type of tap is the ball tap, which uses a ball-shaped valve to control the flow of water. The ball is rotated by a handle to open or close the valve. Ball taps are often used in newer homes as they are easier to operate and maintain than compression taps.

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