PEX Pipe Coil White


There are many types of pipe products available on the market today. Each type of pipe has its own unique benefits and drawbacks that should be considered.

  • Pex pipe is a type of cross-linked polyethylene pipe that is durable and easy to install.
  • Copper pipe is another popular type of pipe that is known for its durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Pipe insulation is used to help protect pipes from freezing or becoming too hot.
  • Polybutylene pipe is a type of plastic pipe that is often used in plumbing applications.
  • Pipe in pipe is a type of pipe that is used to create a watertight seal between two pipes.
  • Mdpe pipe is a type of high-density polyethylene pipe that is often used in gas and water lines.

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Pipe Accessories

Pipe accessories are essential for any plumbing project, big or small.

Pipe cutters help to ensure a clean, precise cut on pipes, while pipe cleaners and covers help to keep pipes clean and protected from the elements. Pipe clips and connectors help to secure and connect pipes together, while tap connectors allow for easy connection of taps to pipes. Compression hoses help to create a watertight seal between pipes, while PTFO tape helps to prevent leaks. Pipe freezing kits help to prevent pipes from freezing in cold weather, and can be a lifesaver in an emergency.

PTFE Thread Seal Tape Pipe Accessories

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