What is the cost of hiring a plumber near me?
What does it cost to hire a plumber?

Hourly rates in London are anywhere within £70-£120 per hour. Some companies charge in fifteen minute or half hour increments after the first hour.

Day rates would start from £350 labour. Always establish what the costs will/can be, and know the difference between a fixed cost quote and an estimate.

Average plumbing costs in 2022

So let’s list some general and generic jobs based on an hourly rate of £95

Replace close coupled WC syphon

This job normally takes an hour to two hours therefore labour will be around £150. The parts and material cost for this is quite low, usually around £50 therefore the total cost should be around £200 to replace a close coupled WC syphon. The parts and materials that may be required for this include; WC siphon, close coupling kit, plumbers mait, PTFE tape, 1/2” fibre washer and 1/2” flexible tap connector washer.

Replace central heating pump

Provided the central heating pump is relatively accessible and the system can be drained with no issues then this should take one hour so labour will cost £95. The parts and materials for this kind of job will be around £175 so the total cost is around £270. The parts and materials required for this would be something like; central heating pump, 2 x pump valves, central heating inhibitor, 2 x 22mm olives, jointing compound and PTFE tape.

Gas cooker install

To install a gas cooker where there currently is or was a gas cooker should be relatively straight forward. With most companies you will need to arrange disposal of the old cooker with a third party or any other means. With any gas work it is a legal requirement that a Gas Safe registered installer is to carry out the work. It is quite a quick job so labour should only be around £120 and the parts and materials £30 so around £150 total cost. Parts and materials required for this would be; cooker hose , jointing compound, gas PTFE, stability chain, bayonet fitting and 1/2” back plate elbow.

Boiler repair costs

There are many variables (make of boiler, manufacturers parts costs, age of boiler, when one boiler part fails it can potentially damage another part but this may not be known until the original issue is resolved) so giving a rough cost would be impractical.
One thing you should establish is the labour hourly rate, a good engineer will diagnose what is wrong and then give you a costing.

Potential complications that can change the cost

With all the above jobs one must remember that some jobs are very straightforward and some jobs are the complete opposite so the cost can vary!

Can the water/gas be turned off easily? Or is the stopcock/gas metre hidden away somewhere? Some heating systems (particularly the older open vent type) are prone to airlocks and also may need balancing for work to be carried out. There may also be an existing issue that is unsafe according to the gas regulations and the registered gas engineer has a duty of care to issue a warning notice. It would be prudent to accept there may be additional costs but there should always be transparency and good communication.