New trending plumbing tools in 2022

1. Knipex bix cutters

  • Cuts pipes without shavings and fits comfortably in the hand

2. Knipex DP50 

  • Cut and chamfer all common domestic plastic drain pipes up to Ø 50 mm in a single operation

3. Knipex Pliers Wrench XL

  • An innovative slip joint plier with smooth, spanner style jaws replacing the need to carry spanners with you.

4. Knipex twin key

  • Multifunctional key for the actuation of locking systems from the areas of facilities engineering

5. Nerrad adjustable ratchet action cutters

  • Internal cutting mechanism rotates independently from outer body, ideal for working in confined spaces

6. Nerrad Jet Swet

  • Designed to temporarily isolate the flow of water in pipes allowing you to work on the removal, refitting or soldering of valves or fittings


  • The flywheel design and easy-to-grip free-turning sleeve allow for faster work

8. Bahco slip joint pliers 8224

  • With a black anti-corrosion treated finish and hardened jaws designed for flat and pipe-shaped gripping.

9. Monument Tools lever pipe benders

  • Pipe bender delivers force to bend the pipe in the same plane as the bend

10. Bahco 9031 adjustable spanner

  • With a short handle yet a wide opening jaw, these adjustable wrenches are ideal for working in awkward or confined spaces.
Best plumbing tools every household should have

I would say every household should have a monument master toilet plunger! The Monument Master Plunger is great for removing blockages from pipes by building up pressure. With patented bellows to give more displacement than traditional force cups. This plunger is ideal for bath and sink waste pipes. But the best thing they can have is the phone number of a good plumber!

What tool do plumbers use the most?

Definitely adjustable spanner and grips, can’t go wrong with Bacho 9031 adjustable spanners and Bahco 8224 slip joint pliers, these tools are classics.

Adjustable Spanner has a 40% wider opening compared to a standard adjustable wrench of equivalent size. The head combines slimness for accessibility with strength for performance, this combined with a convenient length of the handle and low weight make it perfect for plumbers and other tradesmen that carry their tools with them. The jaws are angled at 15° to provide maximum access in confined spaces.

Pliers are made from chrome-vanadium steel to provide long life and safe service. The Bahco Slip Joint Pliers feature a push button adjuster system and an outstanding jaw opening and depth. Jaws can be adjusted in 11 different positions.