Meet the future of construction logistics

CoLogic lets you track the location of your construction transports in real-time, improving communication, transparency, profits and increasing safety.

“The construction industry is a never-ending race against the clock.”


Not with us!​


CoLogic combines various information sources and innovates communication between all stakeholders and aims to integrate with various systems automating the construction industries.

Our system will help you reduce waste and CO2, improve health and safety, as well as site management and planning.

AI-Powered Logistics

CoLogic will soon be in a position to connect various data sources and to build an AI-based system to revolutionize the construction industry. CoLogic will integrate with intelligent technologies such as vehicles, machinery and equipment. We will get you ready for it.

Where you will benefit


We save you 8 to 12% of your logistics cost by reducing clashes and delays for deliveries.


We reduce your CO2 impact by up to 20% by planning and forecasting routes better.

Health and Safety

We lower road and site-related accidents by 10% by eliminating distraction through automated communication.

CoLogic predicts the future by speaking your language.


We are a strong founding team from different industries on a mission to give back the most valuable asset: Time.

Meet the Team

Max Leo Rodeck


Max grew up in a family of architects and construction entrepreneurs and has always been fascinated by technology. After his MSc in Business & Economics, he scaled well-known, VC-backed businesses in Asia and Europe. Now, Max combines his roots in construction, passion for technology, and business-building experience.

Robert Hangu


Using his technical knowledge, which is both hands-on and visionary, Robert is in charge of designing and building the products for the construction logistics of tomorrow. His past at Skype and SAP provide him with the right prerequisites for this challenge.

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